Sunday, October 19, 2014

Football and family

Even though the Aggies are not having the greatest season...I think we are calling it a "rebuilding" year....we are always dressed for Game Day. 
 Even Dylan has a maroon onesie.
  IMG_3995 IMG_3996 
How cute are these boys? I am hoping they will love to watch Aggie football together for many, many years. 
IMG_3990 IMG_4001 
We love to match... 

The last couple weeks we have picked up the pace a little and I have started making more outings with Dylan. It is still mild torture taking him places because it is like 70/30 that he will scream the entire time in the car. 
 We are not past it yet, sadly. 
 But, it is a little easier when Ben or my mom is in the car with me. 
 So, naturally, one of the first places I wanted to go was with mom to Dallas to go see Anson and Olivia. 
 We took Olivia lunch and I got to hold that perfect baby. 
 I swear he never cries still and he is just the sweetest sleeper.
He loves having his hands in front of his face. 
 Actually every sonogram Olivia had, Anson had his hands in front of his face and he still does it now. 
 So cute.
More Dylan and Anson picks
  IMG_4087 IMG_4093 
And one with O & I and the boys. 
 We both mutually agree that we would prefer to just take pics of the boys but I am sure one day we will want to see ourselves in a picture too occasionally. 
Another outing we took with Honey was to our first Casa Manana show of the season. Honey bought us season tickets this year and we are pumped. 
 The first show was Snow White and mom and I took all three kids. 
 Dylan was quiet and slept or ate the whole show.
Kinley was in heaven dressed as Snow White and loved the story.
Ty was interested for maybe 10 minutes and mom had quite the job of keeping him entertained the rest of the show. He was not disruptive or anything, just not super engaged. 
 Maybe Snow White wasn't his thing. 
 But, they were thrilled to get to spend some time with Honey, like usual. 
We usually end the show by taking a picture with the marquee outside. 
 It was especially sunny that day. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Anson Travis Howe

I am an AUNT! 
 I still can't believe it. 
It is so surreal and I am thrilled to take on my new role. 

 On early, early Sunday morning October 5th Bart & Olivia had sweet baby boy Anson Travis Howe and he is just the most precious thing I ever did see. 
 We met him Sunday afternoon and I just couldn't get my hands on him fast enough. 

 He is beautiful with the cutest blonde semi-curly hair and blue eyes and is just the sweetest baby. 
 I hadn't laid eyes on him 30 seconds and the waterworks came.
  IMG_3969 IMG_3970 IMG_3966 

Dylan and Anson are 33 days apart and I just think it is so fun. 
 I love that they will grow up so close together in age. It was crazy to me that Dylan looked sort of big compared to Anson. 
 They really grow so, so fast. 
IMG_3964 IMG_3965 IMG_3968 IMG_3973

I tried really hard to get all my family in a pic with Anson but Ty wouldn't cooperate. Kinley is posing though. 
Finally Honey coaxed him in a pic as long as she could hold him. 
Anson, we are so in love with you already and thrilled to watch you grow up in the care of your amazing parents. 
 You are precious to us sweet boy!

Fall Fun

We have had a little fall fun lately. 

 We went to Hall's Pumpkin Farm for the first of probably a dozen times we will go this year. 
 It is always a favorite and we mark our calendars every year by the corn crop and how it's growing. 
 We met the Barstads there on opening night and took part in all the fun. 

 We hayrided
Fed the animals
  IMG_3901 IMG_3911 IMG_3908 
Played on the old farm equipment 
IMG_3887 IMG_3890 IMG_3896 
Posed with some pumpkins 
Posed with some wooden character cut-outs 
I think Kinley is pretending to be Avery's horse here 
 Got utterly lost in the corn maze 
IMG_3903 IMG_3906 
and pretty much conquered it all. IMG_3920 
Then we went back to our house for chick-fil-a and Dylan got some good loving on. 
IMG_3914 IMG_3917 

 We also went to the Calloway's Nursery family fun day and bought some pumpkins and took part in their festivities. 
 There was pumpkin decorating, popcorn, frozen custard, and planting for kids. 
The Nordells went too and it was an extra special treat when Kinley walked up and matched Mila and Ella without even knowing it, down to the bow and all. 
IMG_3925 IMG_3926 IMG_3927 IMG_3929 IMG_3932 IMG_3939

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dylan Lee - 1 Month

Dylan, you are one month old already! 
 I can't even believe it. 
 Time is going so quickly and I know this infancy stage lasts just the shortest time so even when I am tired or emotional or overwhelmed, I am just trying to treasure it and keep perspective and know that every challenge is due to the enormous blessing I have in my three beautiful children. 
photo 5-1

You are getting more alert during the days, especially the mornings and I love seeing your big blue eyes and all the cute faces you make IMG_3677 IMG_3787 IMG_3788 

You love, love bathtime. You could be crying and tired and hungry and when you are stripped down to a diaper and hear the water running you calm down. You are so peaceful the whole time you are in the water. 

 You are starting to outgrow some newborn clothes already and can wear some 0-3 month stuff now
  IMG_3719 IMG_3713 

The best personalized onesie that Allison gave you #newbornproblems IMG_3695

Some stats: 
At birth you weighed 7 pounds 4 oz and they said 18 inches 
When we left the hospital and at your 3 day bilirubin and weight check, you were 6 pounds 13 oz 
At your 2 week appt you were 7 pounds 9 oz and 20 1/2 inches. I am pretty sure you didn't grow 2 1/2 inches in 2 weeks so I think you were a little scrunched up and underestimated on your birthday. 
And at 3 1/2 weeks I took you in for a weight check with Kinley when she had an ear infection and you weighed 8 pounds 9 oz. 
 So, you are growing well! 

 You are still eating every 3 hours or so...sometimes less during the day. I am ok with it because you were 2 weeks early so I am letting you kind of decide when you are hungry for a good 6 weeks or so. Then I might think about putting you on a schedule. 

 At night you usually eat around 9, 12 or 1, and 4ish. Then I get up at 6:30 to get Kinley ready for school and you usually want to eat again around 6:45 or 7 and are up for the day. 
 You cat nap throughout the day but at least take 2 good naps in your bassinet in our room. 
 You LOVE the baby bjorn and being upright and against my chest all day if possible. 

 You HATE the carseat currently. You pretty much start screaming after 5 seconds in it and don't stop until I either get you out or you pass out from crying exhaustion. It is heartbreaking and this is my only complaint so far. I am so, so hopeful you will get more comfortable and grow out of this soon. We are on the go and in the car way too much for you to hate it.

You are just the sweetest cuddle-bug and want to be with mom constantly.  And I am not complaining.  I will hold you as much as I can and as long as you will let me baby boy.  You are a treasure and an absolute joy.  
I love you.