Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dylan Lee - 2 Months

photo-201 Dylan, you are two months old! 
 I can't believe it. It seems like time is flying by but also like I have known you forever. You are such a joy and blessing to our family. 

 A few things about this month: 
 Weight: 10 pounds 14 oz 20th percentile 
 Height: 22 1/2 inches 25th percentile 
Head: 15 1/2  - 50th percentile 
Dr. Scott says these percentiles really mean nothing at this point because they are still measuring the size of my uterus versus making predictions about your future growth. That comes later. But, it's still fun to know. 

 - You are eating every 2-3 hours during the day and every 4-5 hours at night. Usually still up twice a night before waking up for the day. 
 - You nap usually one really good nap in your bed swaddled and one or two catnaps in your bed or in the carseat and one really good nap in the carrier on me. IMG_4248 IMG_4131 IMG_4118 

- You are making great eye contact and those baby blues are to die for. IMG_4348 IMG_4116 IMG_4111 

- You are smiling and cooing and it is the best. We have to work at it to get you to smile and it's hard to catch on camera but, when we do, it's dreamy. 
IMG_4343 IMG_4464 IMG_4465 IMG_4468 

- You are very good about being with your big brother and sister. They constantly want to talk to you, mess with you, hold you and you tolerate it pretty well. Kinley is getting great at holding you.

- You like sitting under your mobile and do it a couple times a day for a few minutes whenever I need to go to the bathroom or help Kinley or Ty with something. You like watching the animals go round and round and listening to the music. 

- You are getting much better about being in your carseat. You still don't love it if you are just wide awake...but, you don't scream like you did and will fall asleep occasionally. We even got to go on a walk/run the other day where you were in the car seat in your stroller the whole time with Ty and I didn't have to carry you around in the bjorn. 

 - But, you still LOVE being in a carrier. Either the moby wrap or the baby bjorn. They are your favorite. Around the house, in the grocery store, cooking dinner, taking a nap...anything, you just love being there. And, I love it too. Even getting ready. This is the post-pregnant belly selfie in my bathroom. 

- You are a daddy's boy. Ben has the baby magic with you and you love some good one on one time with him every evening when he gets home while I am either bathing or getting the big kids ready for bed. Even if I give you to him a little fussy, he has the way and calms you down instantly. 

 - You still love bathtime and no matter how hungry you are or ready for bed, you are always happy in the bath. 

- My favorite time of day is right after bath, before bed when the lights are out and it's just you and me cuddling and listening to you talk. When our days are crazy and on the go constantly, it is nice to slow down. It's just my happy place. IMG_4309
- You had your first ear infection at 7 weeks old.  It was horrible.  I had no idea what was wrong but I just knew something was wrong.  You were screaming and inconsolable no matter what I did.  You wouldn't eat and that was a big deal because you are a big eater.  I took you right in to the doctor and he was shocked it was actually an ear infection.  The whole office felt sorry for you because you were just screaming.  It was so sad.  You were much better after a couple days on antibiotics but, after a re-check it still wasn't gone so we are on round 2 of a different kind of antibiotic that hopefully will kick it.  You are so sweet but I can tell you aren't completely feeling good.  I can't wait to see what you will be like when you are feeling 100%!

Dylan Lee - you light up our world all around the clock.  You love to be held and talked to and entertained and we love doing it.  You are a constant reminder of God's incredible blessings and our grave responsibility and high calling as parents.  We are humbled to have been entrusted with you.  We love you so much.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

We went with the Batman theme this Halloween and we have been living in costume since we got them.
 Kinley actually got 2 batgirl costumes because we ordered one that the shipping kept getting delayed and delayed until we ordered a second one, only to then have the first one come. 
 Just further confirmation that I should just make the costumes. 
 This is my first year in a while not to make one and it was kind of sad but, I just didn't have the time! But, they sure looked cute. 

My Ty-Man Batman
IMG_4408 IMG_6839 IMG_6840 
And our little batty bat
  IMG_6847 IMG_6849 IMG_6823 IMG_6819 
IMG_6822 IMG_6827 IMG_6831 

 We went to the Fall Festival at church on the 28th. This is the first year it hasn't been on Halloween night. Each year we park over at Pops & Grams and walk to the church. This year, we came with our army of Pops, Gram, Minnie, Alex, Honey & Boss. 
 It was so great having them there. Extra eyes are so helpful in the sea of thousands of people and Kinley and Ty just get so excited to be with them. 
 And we got a bat-family picture. 
 Even though its hard to see Ty...he is there. 
IMG_4407 IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4376 
Pony rides
  IMG_4409 IMG_4383 
Face painting
Lots of friends
  IMG_4393 IMG_4384 IMG_4399 IMG_4413 

On Halloween night we did not have any real plans except for going first to trick-or-treat at Honey & Boss's house first. 
 A few friends decided to start there too and it was like old times to me trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.
  IMG_4431 Ty batman? or a thug? I am thinking his choice of the beanie combined with his "posture" changed his costume all-together. 
 I couldn't stop laughing. 
IMG_4437 IMG_4446 IMG_4440 
Pretty much anyone who lives around there went to this one court block party to trick or treat and it was definitely a happening place. 
 We even got to see Aslynn, Hudson and Ryder there too! 
 Aslynn borrowed Kinley's other Batgirl costume and they were just the cutest together.
Then we headed over to Stacee & Ryan's neighborhood to trick or treat some more and sing Happy Birthday to Leslie who's birthday is on Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October photo dump

Here are a few other things we did in October...

We've all been supporting Aunt Minnie like crazy.  
She has a new design business and her latest endeavor is monogramming and we are constantly wearing her stuff.  
If you don't follow @mendykayedesigns on Instagram, stop right now and go do it.
IMG_4034 IMG_4039 

 Even though its hard to get up by 6:30 some mornings to wake up Kinley after being up nursing at night, I love it when we are the only ones awake and I get to have her all to myself and sit down to eat breakfast together and pick her brain.
 Kinley & Ty both got their school pictures back and I love how both of them turned out.
  IMG_4074 IMG_4423 
Because Dylan still is not a huge fan of the car seat, when we pick up Kinley from school we park and get everyone out and walk up to get her instead of waiting in the car pick up line. 
 Ty loves this because there is a huge rock outside the school that he asks to climb on everyday. 
 Dad went out of town one weekend with Pops, Gram, Minnie and Alex to visit Aunt Deb in Kansas. 
 Kinley and Ty spent the night at Honey's house one night. 
We watched church at home that weekend and Kinley was super excited to take communion with our homemade grape juice from grapes in our juicer. 
She even made this sign for Ben. 
 It says "I hope my dad comes back soon." 

Ryland turned 3 and had the most fun Spiderman birthday party with the coolest superhero training course. 
 These three spidey-boys melt my heart.
  IMG_4297 IMG_4263 IMG_4261 IMG_4264 
  IMG_4265 IMG_4299
Selfie with my boys 
 Throwing spiders on the web 
IMG_4298 IMG_4296 
Happy Birthday RyRy! 
 how many superheros can we be? 
IMG_4292 IMG_4295 
All the excitement was just too much for RyRy 

Honey went to eat lunch at school with Kinley and she took her by the library to see her Flounder storybook pumpkin 
IMG_4360 IMG_4364 IMG_4361